Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Reveal Party

We had the ultrasound of our baby on June 17. We told the sonographer that we didn’t want to know that day, but to write down the sex and seal it up an envelope. The sonographer did as requested and Ben took the envelope to Sublime Bakery where their pastry experts would create our pink or blue cake. This was all because we were planning a Baby Reveal dinner for Sunday, June 20 at Joe T. Garcia’s where we would find out the gender of our baby along with our family and friends.

This is how the cake turned out. It was almost too cute to cut. Yes, those are fondant likenesses of AD & Boz. I had to include them somehow. Are you really all that surprised?

On Sunday we gathered together – all sporting pink or blue based on our guess to the baby’s identity.

My brother, Brady, flew in from San Diego. Here he is with my maternal grandparents, Glenda & Wendal.

Ben and I with our mothers...ahem..the incredibly excited Grandmothers - Susan & Lana!

My Dad, Terri, & Bobbie (My Granny) - more proud grandparents!
Some of our sweet friends, the Martins, Lauren, Kalee, and the Escotts. Thanks for coming, guys!

The Wrights brought their sweet daughter, Finley, to join the fun. She even brought a gift for our baby. What a thoughtful 6 week old young lady!
The Hoover family was very ready for us to cut the cake!
It was so fun to see everyone, and Ben and I were overwhelmed by the love and support surrounding us. After a quick meal – truthfully Ben and I didn’t eat much because we were so nervous – we were ready to cut the cake.

Here we go!

I immediately dissolved into tears of joy and hugged everyone in sight. My favorite part of this picture is how Ben is looking at the cake, just to make sure.
Dad cleaned up my eye make up before this was taken - thanks Dad! Why are you wearing green?

Yay for another girl!

Thankfully, my girl friends picked up the slack and served the cake that I had forgotten to keep cutting. After I calmed down, we opened the presents our dear family was not supposed to bring, but were much appreciated nonetheless.

All in all, a great and momentous occasion. Thank you to everyone who made it and celebrated along with us. We can’t wait to meet our daughter and introduce her to the world.

PS - Thank you to Adrienne and Taylor for taking all the great pictures! Love you girls!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Have you noticed how Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure has been on cable an awful lot lately? Maybe it’s just because it’s too uncomfortable to go outside so I’m watching more TV, but I’m catching it quite frequently. I cringe when Bill S. Preston Esquire’s Dad “goes for it” with his twenty year old wife in his son’s bedroom. I laugh at Wyld Stallyns’ obsession with getting Eddie Van Halen in their nonexistent band. Seemingly the flick has stuck with me since the late eighties.

I was reminded of the sage words of Ted Theodore Logan last night when I felt an odd pressure in my lower abdomen – "Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K." Could it have been the spicy dinner I just consumed? Perhaps it was the incredibly hot walk we took just hours before? There, right there! There it was again. Then I realized…

It’s our most excellent baby saying, “Hi Missy. I mean, Mom. You and Dad be excellent to each other!”


Thanks little dude…er dude-ette. We’ll know on Sunday what you are.
Until then, I leave you with the erudite words of So-Crates. "The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing". This pretty much sums up my entire experience thus far with pregnancy.

Party on San Dimas!