Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schmice Cereal

Marryn just had her four month check up, and it went very well indeed. At 14 pounds, she’s in the 70th percentile of weight! We’re pretty proud of this stat since it’s up from the 5th percentile at her two month check up. As expected, she’s still a tall girl, coming in at 26.25 inches, or greater than the 95th percentile. Her bald head and pudgy chest are right at the 50th percentile. Developmentally, our girl is right on track!

At nineteen weeks, Marryn hasn't started full on belly laughing yet. She's teetering on the edge of giggledom though, and it won't be long. About some things, I'm certain she'll find funny:

-The camera. Here she is with Aunt Lisa.

-A little gossip with girlfriends like Dylan Rose from down the street.

-Her toys - to be exact, this pink Sing A Ma Jig. Have you heard of these? Hilarious.
-And the doozy...Marryn will laugh in the face of rice cereal, specifically when it's fed to her to prolong sleep. "Rice Cereal? Schmice Cereal. You cannot affect me," I picture her saying, chubby fists on tiny waist, head tossing, in defiance. (Or rather looking something like this...)

We’ve experienced a handful of glorious occurrences of sleeping through the night, and I've been chasing it like a white rabbit ever since. Try as I might, I can't replicate it, and cereal does not induce it. Darn you, rice cereal, and your false promises!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Some of my parents’ favorite stories to tell about my childhood revolve around how *ahem* “husky” I was. My nickname as an infant was Michelin Man, and it was very well deserved because I looked like this…

My expression on the right seems to say, "I'll have the filet, medium rare", does ot not?

There’s the story about putting me, the big fish, in the front row of the hospital nursery, the one about eating carrots before I had teeth, the one about the salesman asking if Texas A&M had starting recruiting me yet, the one about rolling over my skinny friend Charles and hurting him, and the one about Mom finding my fifth neck – unwashed and crusty – at four months of age.

Thankfully Marryn has not been taking after her mother’s physique so far. She’s a tall and slender gal – in the 91st percentile for her height and 5th for her weight. At four months, she is wearing 6-9 month old clothing to accommodate her length, has long fingers, toes, and neck. (Ok, I’m realizing this description makes her sound like E.T. She’s beautiful, dang it! See...)
Be that as it may, irony still has a way of creeping in. Yesterday, Ben was “flying” Marryn over our heads on the couch.

She was impressing us with her funny expressions and sweet coos. We were transfixed on the face of our little charmer, when I saw it.

A THIRD neck, unwashed, crusty and red. O, I am fortune’s fool!