Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parting with Prone, or Farewell Face Down

Everyone has their favorite sleeping position. My great-grandmother used to sleep on her back with her head at the foot of the bed. Ben puts one arm on the top of my pillow and that hand on top of my head. Boz prefers to fold his legs underneath him in a deer-like yoga pose.

To me, nothing is more comfortable than lying on my stomach with my arms out to the side. I know I look like someone who has washed up on a beach. I know it, and I don’t care. It’s comfortable, and since I’m not a busty gal, nothing has prevented me from this relaxing supine pose…until now.

Lil Miss growing in here doesn’t like it much when I lay on my stomach, and frankly, I feel really bad doing so. Don’t judge - I don’t consciously turn on my stomach, but I have woken up that way a few times due to her kicking me to TURN OVER!

“Geez Ma”, I can picture her saying. “Are you trying to squish me?” Sorry Lil Miss! Momma’s new at this. You’ve got 29 years of muscle memory working against you.

To help me out, I registered for one of these puppies.

Don’t laugh – it’s supposed to really work. I only have 16 more weeks to sleep, and then I won’t get any rest ‘til 2029 when she goes to college. This is what Mom tells me, at least. I'm stockpiling while I can.

Thank Lil Miss you for awakening me to this new world of not sleeping through the night. I know it’s only the beginning.

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