Monday, March 21, 2011

Uncle Brady & Aunt Abigail

Last weekend, my brother and his fiancé were in town to celebrate their engagement with our family. What an amazingly fun weekend! I’m a little depressed it’s all over to tell the truth. The weekend started with a small cookout at Mom’s. We celebrated big time with 60+ family and friends on Saturday night at Joe T’s, and then ended on a casual note at lunch yesterday at Dad’s.

I don’t think Marryn’s feet or hiney touched the ground the whole weekend as she was passed from relative to relative. My girl was a trooper for the most part, but melted down at night. We’re still feeling the effects of not having our routine in place for 72 hours, but it was well worth it.

Brady & Abigail are Marryn’s only aunt and uncle, as well as her guardians, and it was important to celebrate this milestone. We are looking forward to celebrating their wedding in August!

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