Friday, April 29, 2011


This is terrible. I didn’t take any pictures at church on my baby’s first Easter. It’s terrible, but it’s reasonable. Our power went out about midnight. It was still off Easter morning, and it was a large accomplishment just to get out the door to get to church. We didn’t even have time to go through our Easter baskets before we left. So, after we got home from church and STILL had no power, we opened our baskets on the back porch.

"Wow Daddy! Are those Blue Rays in your basket? So far I'm impressed with this Bunny fella."

"Oh well you're welcome, but you should probably direct your gratitude to the Easter Bunny."

"Now my turn. Oh yay! It's a...a...a...what is this?"

"A book? But um there's a hole in it. 'It's broken. Mine are broken.' Name that movie, Daddy."

"Ooooooh. It's supposed to be that way. I get it now. This makes it easier to chew on anyway."

Happy Easter!

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