Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drinking Games

You’ve heard of Kings, Washers, Beer Pong, and Flip Cup haven’t you? Who amongst us hasn’t overindulged while playing one of these time-honored drinking games? Drinking games can turn a Friday night with neighbors into a rager. A Sunday into a Funday. My particular favorite used to be secret drinking games created on the fly known only to myself. For example, having a shot of my drink every time my Mom reminisced about my brother’s football career or finishing my drink every time my in-laws referenced their dog.

Now that I’m a parent, well first of all, there’s a lot less drinking in our household. But if I were to play a drinking game it would undoubtedly be the one created by my husband this past week: The "Marryn Eats" Drinking Game. The rules are as follows:

successful bite - one drink
food on floor - two drinks
food on you - three drinks
fart noise - two drinks
dog licks hands - two drinks
dog eats food - one drink
shake head "no" - two drinks
shriek - one drink
poop face - three drinks
eat high chair straps - two drinks
mad face - finish your drink

Be warned – no matter what kind of time of day this game is played – you’re gonna get wasted.

1 comment:

  1. At our house "shove WAY too much food in mouth and half choke" would also be on the list. It would probably be a one drinker, but you'd definitely finish your beer with that one criteria alone.