Monday, October 14, 2013


I’m not going to flatter myself and assume that anyone in the blog-o-sphere has noticed that I haven’t posted in seven months. The funny thing is, I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing instead of blogging. Our beautiful son, Ford Marshall, was born on March 13. We brought him home 20 hours later. Since then……I feel like we’ve been busy, but…it’s all basically a blur.

I can tell you in relative terms what we have been doing a lot of in the past seven months. Since I think mostly in fragments lately, I give you a poorly punctuated list.

·         Eating

o   Adults – primarily frozen meals - prepared by Dad while Mom nurses a fussy baby  - accompanied with a lot of wine if it’s past 5:00 (4:30 some days if I’m being honest)

o   Toddler – primarily macaroni & cheese with some type of frozen vegetable coupled with the occasional PB&J, and a lot of popsicles

o   Baby – breast milk, formula, rice cereal, pureed vegetables
& fruit, sometimes all at once, ad infinitum, rinse & repeat

·         Television watching

o   Adults – mostly DVR’ed shows that we can’t watch while the Toddler is awake

o   Toddler – has (unfortunately) become all too familiar with the daily viewing schedules of Disney Jr, Nick Jr, and Sprout

o   Baby – is entirely too busy watching the Toddler watching television to notice there is a television in the room

·         Sleeping

o   Adults – Have once again begun accustomed to being woken up (almost) nightly by one of the following:

§  Toddler – had a massive sleep regression when the following came along:

·         Baby – if we’d all just stay asleep would probably be just fine

o   Dogs – roam the house like Highlander trying to find a quiet spot, but never neglect to rattle their loud collars/tags while doing so...thanks guys

·         Conclusion

o   Have the last seven months been wonderful?

§  Yes, most definitely.

o   Would I want to relive them?

§  Hell no.

§  Are you kidding?

o   Are we finished having babies?

§  Hell yes.

§  Again, are you kidding?

o   Do I feel incredibly blessed?

§  Beyond belief.

o   Do I think I’ll blog again in 2013?

§  Jury’s out.

Our clan on one of our best days

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