Friday, May 21, 2010

What the WHAT?

Searching for baby gear is Bri-Taxing. It confuses the Stokke out of me. My Bugaboo is broken and I just Uppa Baby-ed all over myself. I used to be smart and Chicco, but now I’ve gone into Orbit, Baby.

Shortly after I told my Grandmommy we were expecting, she commented on how much “stuff” was available for parents and children today. She said when she had babies; you put them in a crib, wrapped them in some blankets, and fed them bottles. She made it sound so simple and streamlined – which it WAS; especially compared to the lit-er-al-ly thousands of options out there now.

I’ve become obsessed with no less than 4 strollers, 3 car seats, 2 bassinets, and 5 cribs - and this is after one week of looking. ONE! I thought preparing for a wedding was labor intensive, but it in no way compares to preparing for a baby. I need some advice and a personal shopper in a bad way.

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  1. I have more advice then you probably care to hear!!! Everyone I know that has the Chicco LOVES it! I have the Angelcare Sensor monitor and it was definitely a necessity when my boys moved to their own rooms. The list goes on and on.....but way too much info for a comment!