Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Wet Hamster

I had my 14 week doctor’s appointment yesterday. When I called last week to see what we’d be covering, the lady at the front desk who read my chart said that it would be a routine appointment – blood work, blood pressure, measure my belly, etc. Nothing exciting or fancy.

Ben is wonderful about wanting to be there for me and Norm at the doctor whether it’s expedient for his schedule or not. So when he asked if he should come I let him off the hook saying, “If you were going to skip an appointment, this would probably be the one.”

So to the doctor I went, by myself. Weight taken (down four lbs so far…hmmm odd), blood pressure taken (regular for me, high for others), belly measured (not really much of a change so far), and then WHOA. Cold wet goo on my stomach – what the hey is this? Next thing I know I’m listening to what sounds like a little wet hamster running on a wheel.

Whirr Shoosh Whirr Shoosh Whirr Shoosh.

The little critter sounds very excited and sopping wet. Perhaps it should slow down and take it easy. I’m starting to worry about it when Dr. Watson says, “That’s your baby’s heartbeat.”

And the world. Stops. And I melt. Into the table. With love. I’m now a mother, carrying a baby, with a heart that beats. I may not be showing yet, I may not have had morning sickness yet, I may not know what the heck I’m doing to prepare for it, but I am now a mother. And I love it. A lot.

At the next appointment, we’ll have to start with the heartbeat so that Ben can hear it for the first time. Trust me Babe, it’s amazing; our little wet hamster running on a wheel.


  1. It's pretty awesome, huh? Wait until you feel "Norm" move for the first time. That's what I miss most about being pregnant!

  2. Huge smile on my face right now. So sweet! Guess what they say is at first sight (or sound)!