Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dog Vigilance

When we first brought Marryn home from the hospital, we were nervous to say the very least. We worried about her eating, sleeping, eliminating, her safety, her comfort, the list went on and on. We also worried about how our dogs would react to her. We were hyper vigilant when they interacted with her, only allowing them to sniff her head and blankets when we were holding her. We never EVER left them alone together, even for a few seconds. Our dogs are sweet and lovable, and we didn’t think they’d ever intentionally harm her. But they are animals, after all, and large ones at that.

That was then. Fast forward two years to the present. A visitor to our home can regularly see Marryn riding Boz like a horse, laying in ADS’s bed, kissing the dogs in the face, crawling underneath them, and hiding under blankets together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into our bedroom and seen both dogs in our bed with Marryn lying on top of them. Boz and AD join Marryn for bath time (as observers, not participants), play time, story time, and (most especially) meal time. They are buds.

When baby boy arrives in March we will need to get back some of that vigilance. Boz & AD have been exposed to one child, but I’m sure they have forgotten how tiny and helpless their baby girl once was. I’m sure they’ve also forgotten how loud and smelly she used to be, and how she frequently disturbed their intensive nap schedule. There will be another period where we’ll need to keep them separated from the new baby until everyone becomes accustomed to each other.

I know that dogs are colorblind – seeing the world in limited shades. However, I also know there is no limit to their unconditional love, and they are loyal as hell. I’m not as worried this time. Saddle up pups. A new cowboy is coming.
This video was made a year ago, but the activity repeats today.

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