Monday, December 10, 2012

One week

Last week, we moved into a new house. It's located thirty miles west of our previous home, and outside of city limits. We are in a neighborhood, but, relatively speaking, we live in the country. It's been a fun process that's still ongoing. I took some time today to reflect on the last week.

Some things I've learned from one week in the new house:
1. Stairs are a child's best friend. They are instant boredom beater.

2. Thirty minutes in a car goes by really quickly.

3. You can’t underestimate the utility of an indoor utility room. And yes, I know calling it a utility room sounds like 1954.

4. You can't be embarassed to use directions like, "Take a left at the dead oak tree." They are succinct and save time. That’s why they are called “directions”.

5. Dogs will chase after deer even if they have no hope of catching them.

6. The same dogs will forget they didn’t catch the deer the day prior, and will continue to chase said deer.

7. A toddler imitating a coyote howling is the funniest sound ever.

8. It's dark outside city limits. Like really. Really. Dark.

9. It's also quiet outside city limits. Like really. Really. Quiet.

10. In both of the above statements, dark & quiet = awesome.

11. You must master the one finger recognition wave while driving. It's the polite thing to do.

12. Get used to seeing a lot of stray animals. Some are actually homeless, and deserve pity. Others are perfectly well taken care of - just out on an adventure - and deserve to be envied.

13. I prefer my husband with scruff on his face and longer hair. It just seems to suit him better here.

14. Home is where the heart is. For me, my heart happens to be in the form of a loving husband, a precious child, and two sweet hound dogs. Home is wherever I’m with them.

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  1. So neat, Lauren. JB has been really watching houses out in Aledo. Is that where y'all are? We have talked about getting a house on a couple acres for the kids and dog to roam!