Monday, April 12, 2010

Giving this a shot

It appears that most people I know participate in blogging. I have some really interesting friends who write about food, travel, work, communications, you name it. I always marveled at their posts, and wondered what I could write about if given the chance. Well follks, now I have it. Welcome to Lauren & Ben McMurrey's life.
Question: Why would two people who could best be described as typical / normal / average (read: kinda boring) start a blog?

Answer: Simple m’dears…Average waspy 30 year olds start blogs when they have children to blog about.

Ben and I are going to have a baby in November and we want you all to be informed about the experience!

We also figured this was an easy way for far flung relatives (specifically Ben’s parents and my brother) to see what we’re up to. We don’t have the best camera, and we don’t have mad photography skills, but what we lack in style, we hope to regain in substance.

Here goes…So as I mentioned above, we’re expecting a baby in November; the 4th to be precise. We found out on March 1, and we kept the secret to ourselves for about 3 weeks. Our first prenatal doctor’s visit was on March 17, and we wanted to get that behind us before informing our parents and my brother. Now that we have the 2nd prenatal visit and sonogram behind us, we figured we could start telling the world…er…our small world.

Since we’ve begun telling people, I’ve noticed there is an assortment of questions that one must answer. I’ve compiled them into a FAQ for your reading pleasure and efficiency.

  • Yes, we are going to find out the gender. (Have we met? I’m an anal retentive Type-A personality. I need to know what’s coming.)
  • Yes, we were trying. More like not preventing, but that’s just semantics. Same result, right?
  • Yes, we have thought of names, but I’m not ready to share them quite yet. That’ll come after we find out the gender.
  • Yes, I’m feeling alright. I’m afraid to mention it too often lest the Morning Sickness Monsters be awakened. I bow to you in reverence, Monsters. I am, however, going to bed at the same time as our 3rd grade neighbor kids.
  • Yes, we have thought about where the nursery will be - the current “crap room”, or the office next to our bedroom.
  • Yes, we did tell Boz & AD. They actually knew before Ben did. I had to tell someone, and he was in the O.R. all day. They’re excited about a new pack member to protect…I think.
  • Yes, I’m nervous about the labor & delivery. (Again, have we met?) Birth is one of those situations you absolutely cannot control, which makes me terribly anxious. That plus my low tolerance for pain and discomfort…Lord help me. I don’t plan to waste any medical technological advances. Bring on the pain killers.
  • Yes, we have been to the doctor – twice now. Dr. Robert Watson will deliver the baby at Baylor All Saints Andrews Hospital on 8th & Magnolia. I love the gray headed doctor with the calm demeanor. It speaks volumes about experience cool headedness – something Ben and I will be lacking.
  • Yes, our families are excited. See examples below:
  • Mike (Ben’s Dad) proposed we take a pre baby trip to Maui, and I think he means it to be complimentary.
  • Susan (Ben’s Mom) asked us to break out the name list right away. She had good feedback, by the way.
  • Lana (my Mom) waited less than 15 minutes after finding out to buy a baby gift.
  • Rick (my Dad) is talking about pony shopping.
  • Parenting challenge #1 - This will be the first grand-child for both families, so get ready to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D little McMurrey.
  • Yes, we are excited, overwhelmed, and already looking forward to meeting our first born. Readers who are parents already, get ready for a firestorm of questions from me. Neither of us has changed a diaper before, and I don’t feel comfortable feeding, bathing, or really even holding babies. Word on the street is that all that changes with your own. I’m trusting in the hope that is correct.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this first entry. More to come on the baby journey…

Lauren Ford McMurrey (with an E-Y)


  1. Congrats! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear all about all about it as you go through this. You are going to be the best blogger ever!

  2. I'm so excited y'all are joining the parenting world. I'm sitting here laughing and crying!!! Congratulations! Oh, and I have two boys who you can "practice" on anytime :) XOXO

  3. Wahoo!!! Does that mean Justin and I can babysit all the neighborhood kids that get born around this time of year?


  4. Congrats on both of your new adventures: baby and blog! We were so excited for you when we got the news...congratulations! Jen & Ryan

    p.s. Thanks for including our blogs on your page! I have a link to yours on my page now, too!

  5. Found your blog through Emerald Belle. You and your blog are HILARIOUS. Thanks for entertaining me tonight! And congratulations!!!! Hip hip hooray!