Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Puppy Proof

I may look back next year, and roll my eyes at this post, but the subject weighs on my mind habitually these days.

How are Boz & AD going to react to the baby? Will they love it? Will they love it too much and not let visitors near it? Will they be aggressive towards it because it monopolizes my time?

Obviously, the welfare of the baby will be paramount, but I do hope for the best in their interactions. Thus, I’ve been researching ways to acclimate dogs to new babies.

For those of you who haven’t met them, Boz & AD are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, aged 4 & 3, respectively.

Overall, they are sweet knuckleheads. They’re funny, willful, and I dote on them entirely too much. AKC and other breed experts say that they are good protectors of children. I know that’s definitely true of me, so I’m hoping that safeguard extends to my progeny.

As far as actual steps to introducing baby to dogs, I’ve found two helpful resources.

While their methods differ, the basic principle is the same: preparation is key.

So Mom, I’ll be headed home in a few months to dig out some old baby dolls to swaddle up and carry around. Whitney – if you could send me a recording of Hudson crying, I’d be most appreciative. Dad - if all else fails, I'm going to need a few horse tranquilizers.

I’m going to begin baby proofing the dogs before baby proofing the house. Yep, skewed priorities like that sound about right. This will work. We will all love each other and get along...dammit.

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